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Always Choosing You (Scoops #2)

Always Choosing You (Scoops #2)

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Nothing has felt normal for Rory Michaels since that big fight last summer...and when certain big secrets were revealed.

Now the ice cream shop where she works is closed for the season, yet things are still icy with her coworker-and boy next door-Tyler Chapman. Sure, she may now know that her childhood bestie has been harboring a crush on her for years, but she just misses having Ty in her life. So they agree to move on and let things go back to normal...until a cheerleading stunt goes horribly wrong at Haverport High's Homecoming football game, and Tyler catches the captain's fall. The entire town swoons, and soon, Tyler is dating the Homecoming queen.

Rory told Tyler she wanted to move on and go back to the way things were, yet why, when it seems Ty has finally moved on, is she feeling bitter? And why, after years of pining for him, is Jay Sanchez finally hitting up her phone and admitting he misses her?

ALWAYS CHOOSING YOU is a young adult romance featuring a girl on a journey to find herself during her senior year of high school, and all the choices she'll have to face. Between choosing what to do after graduation, which boy she's meant to be with, and finally learning the true identity of her father, Rory finds herself at a crossroads in life. Should she choose the path she always thought she wanted, or should she choose to follow her heart

Pub Date: April 09, 2024



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