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Cinderella Is Faking It: Alternative Cover (Princess Crossover #1)

Cinderella Is Faking It: Alternative Cover (Princess Crossover #1)

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Delilah has four problems: No job, no money, no prospects - no orgasms.

The first three should be easy to solve, but all potential employers dig a little too deep into her previous boss.

When a mix-up gets her swept into a charity event in place of the famously reclusive Cordelia Montgomery-heiress to the Montgomery hotel fortune-Delilah finds herself roped into a new job overnight. A job that requires her to become someone else.

As Cordelia, she just has to wear pretty dresses, smile for the cameras, and try to withstand the annoyingly flirtatious enemy: August Beckett, CEO of Axent Hotels. Even though a single smile from him makes her heart race. Even though he makes her forget that she's just playing pretend. Even though he might just be able to fix her fourth problem.

But reality and the past always find ways of catching up with you...

Beck has no interest in Cordelia Montgomery beyond her last name.

With Cordelia's father resting six feet under, the ironclad foundation beneath the Montgomery hotel chain is finally crumbling. The old man's will stipulates that his fortune must stay in the family-but anyone can marry into a family.

If Beck wants to get that 20-billion-dollar estate in a corporate merger, all he has to do is sweep a hermit heiress off her feet.

His plan to treat this as a mere business strategy starts to crack when the Montgomery girl is harder to charm than expected. Worse, she's the one who's charming him. As hard as she makes him work for it, she slips under his armor with her curious mind, her silly dances, and her unparalleled ability to catch him off-guard.

But nothing good could ever come from lying, right

Pub Date: September 15, 2023



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