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Spooky Halloween Cup 🎃

Spooky Halloween Cup 🎃

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Glass style?

❗️Our transfers are custom made meaning each cup is made to order. Our printer has a processing time of 3 to 5 business days. This results in us having a 2 to 3 week processing time❗️

Each cup is made with uv dtf which means you need to make sure you are taking care of the cup properly if not your design will not last.

Your cup will come with a care card so you will know exactly how to take care of your cup. It is quite simple and your cup will last a long time as long as you taking care of it. The instructions might seem like a lot but I promise the overall process of washing your entire cup including the lid and straw takes about 3 minutes! :)

Well how do I take care of the cup?
All you have to do is wash your cup like normal except make sure your not using hot water. When using you sponge make sure you are being gentle and washing with the soft side of the sponge when going over the design do not scrub harshly or with any hard material.

Do not put in the dishwasher!! When I decided I wanted to offer cups I knew I wanted the best quality uv dtf. I did a lot of researching when choosing the business that was going to provide my uv dtf wraps. I am proud to say that the design itself is very durable. My printer has done a series of tests to test the durability of the transfers. If you accidentally put your cup in the dishwasher it should be fine due to how durable the transfers are. But I recommend that you are highly careful and avoid using the dishwasher to make sure your cup will last you a long time! 

Do not soak your cup 

After washing your cup I recommend getting a paper towel and drying the outside of the cup and then letting the rest of the cup dry on its own

Do not microwave 

Bamboo lids also require special care

Wash your lid with either cold or slightly warm water then dry with a rag or paper towel after.

Your lid has a rubber part that is able to come off. Make sure you are taking that off and washing it as well as taking it off when drying your lid to make sure that everything is being dried properly if not you can get mold. 

With the glass straw simply be careful. When washing it can be a little slippery so always handle it with care!

❗️We are not responsible for any cups that are not used properly. We provide instructions and it is on you to take care of your cup and making sure you are using the instructions we provided❗️ 

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